There’s a song that speaks of a tree bending in the storm so that it doesn’t break.  Great lyrics as we are just like that tree capable of bending and just as capable of breaking.  One of my favourite books, “Who Moved My Cheese”, by Spencer Johnson tells the story of getting comfortable and being shocked and horrified when that comfort disappears.  This is contrasted beautifully by anticipating, preparing for, and embracing change.

Working for clients, I pride myself on being flexible.  This usually means I have no idea as to what I am doing, where to go or what is coming next but at least when the inevitable muck-ups occur, I am truly prepared.  And I have wished and wished for certain events to happen.  When things don’t quite go to plan, emotions can range from upset through to anger and despair.  But then I try to look at the good side of the misfortune.  Garth Brooks sings, “Thank God for Unanswered Prayers”, – more than not he is so right because there is something better around the corner.  Our glass remains half full and we can look for the bright side.

The other thing we can do when things aren’t going just right for us is to consider another person’s perspective, see another’s point of view.  Have a chat with the other person, (just in your head if that helps you to process the issue).  Tell them, (again in your head) how you are feeling and then become them and have them respond to you.  This may help and, if so, that is awesome.  Anything for an easier life for you.  Less fluster, stress and emotion.

If you release attachment to whatever you are holding onto and grieving for, it is easier to move onto the next wonderful project or opportunity.  Bend in the wind.  If you don’t resist the change or get upset, you have power to change your course and move onwards and upwards.  Just don’t you lose sight of your end game and what it is you want.  Don’t allow anyone to take that from you.

And then there is, of course, the literal meaning of flexibility.  Preventing our bodies from becoming all crunchy.  I watch in wonder as my grandbaby folds in two and her head touches her knees or her feet are up around her neck.  The next thought is, at what age did I stop being able to do that?  My head hasn’t seen my knees for years!  If we discipline ourselves to do a little stretching every day, our bodies are going to be so much more bendy.  For years I thought yoga to be such a waste of time. Why writhe about on the ground when I could go for a ten kilometer run.  Then I tried to do some of the basic moves and was horrified that my body simply would not oblige!  Yoga is wonderful.  So good for you.  After doing basic moves regularly, your body may experience less pain, easier movements and better blood flow all around.  There are classes of various, teachers and Apps in abundance.  Give yoga a try and stretch it out to increase your flexibility.

For a more peaceful life, keep watching and be flexible.  As Shania Twain says, ‘be alert and be fearless”.

Mojo Maximiser # 72 Be Flexible


And downward dog and down we go

Head to knee, bending slow

It’s been so long, many’s a year

Since my nose bent forward here

Age has seen me, drying up

Cos I didn’t stretch enough


Body bits shortening, becoming taut

It won’t matter, that’s what I thought

Yet here I sit, gazing at feet

Wondering if face and toes will meet

Knowing really that – probably not

it’s not quite tall enough, that block I’ve got


The morale of this crunchy tail

Is keeping on stretching or you’ll fail

To flex and bend and arch and twist

Just think about the fun you’ll miss

Reaching forward’s not a problem

Being bendy’s truly awesome!