When organic matter decomposes, it breaks down to those building blocks of life then down to star-like component parts, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other bits and pieces.  Then returns to the earth and the wider universe. Whether you subscribe to the “Big Bang Theory” or have other thoughts and beliefs as to how we arrived on planet Earth, you cannot deny that we are all made of stardust.  Nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, potassium, sulphur, other essential bits and pieces and love.  The same stuff as the stars.  And we are all part of that larger whole, the universe.  If I am sitting near to you, as I breathe air out, you breathe a little of that spent carbon and oxygen in.  We are thus connected to the larger universe and each other.  Which provides really good argument to treat ourselves and others well and to be so proud of us.  The fact that we are star dust provides reason to give love and respect to all.

Love yourself and know you are made of star dust.