I can’t see any real downsides about getting out amongst nature and going for a walk. You won’t need any special equipment except a comfortable pair of walking shoes and a jacket if it is a bit chilly outside.  Walking is a free, low impact exercise which allows you to suck in copious amounts of fresh air while feeling great as the sun warms your skin offering some well-deserved vitamin D.  This activity can get your blood pumping so is good for the heart.  It can also help improve your mood, clear your head, relieve stress and reduce anxiety – also excellent for your heart.  Healthy people are generally more happy and we all want to be happier.  You will breathe easier and feel wonderful as you take some time to be in the present moment.  As you appreciate the natural beauty around you, a feeling of calmness will envelope you.  Aunty recently hurt her back.  My pain was incredible yet yoga and gentle walking eased the effects much more than lying around, groaning and feeling sorry for self.

I love walking and don’t really count it as exercise.  I believe that is how exercise should be.  Find something you love to do and don’t resent.  We are very lucky to have a walking track very close to our house.  The downside of this luck means we don’t actually walk anywhere else!  A quick internet search will reveal walking tracks and parks close to your location.  Find different places to go and really start to explore appreciate all that is around you.  We’ve seen a crackle of black cockatoos, (yes, a group of cockatoos is really called a ‘crackle’), rabbits and even one or two snakes while walking in the countryside.  On the odd occasion, we’ve even bumped into our children that we haven’t seen at home for weeks!

You might like to join a walking club so you can meet others with a common interest.  Joining a club means you won’t have to walk alone.  I typed in ‘walking club near me’ and the Heart Foundation offered 11 walking groups, meeting on various days of the week and having speeds from slow pace through to fastest pace.

I prefer to walk alone.  Sometimes, I meditate as I walk and there are meditation apps that include specific guidance for walking.  Other times I lose myself in the peace and quietness of the outside world.  If I want more stimulation or am pressed for time, I will listen to an audiobook – it is wonderful to have someone reading to you.  Walking offers us health benefits, stress relief and time to simply be.

Walk in nature.