When Aunty was about thirteen years old, way before Botox and plastic surgery were promoted as great options by the rich and famous, I read in a ladies’ magazine that it is good practice to moisturise your face every day.  If it was good for all those Hollywood stars, it was good enough for me and I’ve faithfully put cream on my face every day since then.  This practice has definitely not halted the aging process. Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder what my mum or nana is doing behind the glass.  Other times I wonder who that random strange person is and whether I should call in the police to arrest the intruder.  Looking at the etched lines and wrinkles, I then wonder, “What would that face look like if I hadn’t slopped on the daily dose of moisturiser?”

I look with wonder at my tiny grand-daughter’s beautiful hands. Those hands are soft, puffy and gorgeous.  Mine are bony and wrinkly.  The skin is now becoming opaque and when I move my fingers, I see all sorts of stringy, tendony things moving amongst blue and protruding veins.

Your hands, face and neck will show your age, so look after them by rubbing in some nice moisturiser every day.  Start today and your skin will thank you in your future years.  This practice doesn’t take a lot of time.   Don’t risk being all dry and crunchy when you hit those golden years.

Throw on some sunscreen and always moisturise your hands and face regularly.