Just Mathias Thiele (1795–1874), a Danish scholar, employed at the Royal Danish Library, first recorded the story of Chicken Little.  This little chicken was really worried the sky was going to fall on his head. He ran around telling everyone about his concerns.  Living through and fearing the worst possible outcome appears to be part of what makes us humans tick.  We love to play mind movies and live through the absolute worst that might happen.  While we should consider and prepare for a worst case scenario, living every minute of something that will probably never eventuate, just makes us miserable.

On the other hand, Pollyanna liked to play the “Glad Game”.  Pollyanna made time to appreciate all that is wonderful in every day.  Is your glass half empty or half full?  Let it always be half full.  Be kind to yourself and see the best in every moment.  There is always something to say thank you for.  Maybe you have lovely pets, friends, family and community.  You own bright clothing, eat tasty food and live in a warm, dry house.  What about the wonderful country we live in?  Perhaps it is the fact you have been given another twenty-four hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds to make a difference to your world.

Think right now about what you are grateful for and say this out loud.  Thank the Universe for all the goodness in your life right now.  This practice is great for the soul and may reduce depression and stress.  Putting an optimistic spin on the day will channel upbeat vibes through you to those around.  Giving thanks focusses our minds on the positive which can help you feel happier, be more humble and allows you to rise above the current situation.  You may feel younger, calmer and enjoy lower blood pressure and a reduced resting heart rate.

Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes it is plain awful. Perhaps your partner, friend, child has left you.

Maybe you don’t feel very well today, the workload is overwhelming, money is tight or the washing machine won’t spin.  I challenge you that there will still be things for which you can find five minutes every day to say thank you for.  This will help to ease your troubled mind.

Thank the Universe then thank those people for whom you are truly grateful.   Call or text them, send them a card or small gift, cook a meal or bake them a cake.  Help them feel appreciated by telling them they are fantastic.  Make a conscious effort to give daily thanks to yourself and others for the blessings in your life.

Remember to give thanks to self and others.