Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “A day without learning is a day wasted.  There is so much to learn and so little time to learn it”.  He was so right and the earlier you get on board the learning train, the better.  It is so much easier for kids to learn new things than old Auntys.  I have just started piano lessons and I can literally feel my brain neurons firing with effort.

Learning new ideas, concepts and skills helps you at school, work and in relationships.  Your proactive commitment is required to continue making yourself better and better.  It is not all about making more money but about being a more rounded, informed and interesting person. You are not learning much while lying on a beach somewhere drinking cocktails, although this may be very pleasurable activity. Try to get out of your comfort zone at least occasionally and into your learning zone regularly to keep your brain active.

Technical institutes, online courses, universities and night classes offer formal study options but learning does not have to be formal. There are so many different options including reading books, searching websites and listening to wiser people.

You will not be the best at everything you try and that is okay.  Put your ego aside and learn new skills, have new experiences and gain new insight.

Never stop learning.