It is a wonderful state of affairs when you can open your heart and mind to new ideas.  When I reached about 28 years old, I knew everything.  Anything worth knowing, I already knew and wouldn’t need to trouble myself with any more learning.  Of course, I fell back to earth with a thud with the realisation that I really knew very little.  Learning is a life-time commitment and without ongoing lessons, life might be a little predictable and dull.

Today we were having some honey on toast.  My partner wondered, ‘how much honey does one bee produce?’  A quick Google search to, tells us approximately 1/12th of a tablespoon.  a little bit of trivia to be sure, but definitely gives us food for thought.

It is great for our mind, brains and beliefs to be constantly challenged.  We humans come into this world with no concept of much at all and only two fears: that of loud noise and falling.  Everything else we learn.  Years ago, we knew the world was flat, that the earth revolved around the sun.  We came up with gods who we blamed for all sorts of things, like floods, fire and wind.  When we had no idea, we invented some.  And chose to believe these ideas.  Thankfully, over time, brave people challenged those entrenched concepts and we all grew.

So when you are presented with a different way of thinking, of doing something, don’t just dismiss this as a waste of time.  Be open to those new ideas.  Find out the thinking behind the ideas and embrace the challenge.  There is huge benefit to being open to new ideas and to keep learning as much and as often as possible.  The old saying goes ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’.  Great and smart past leaders never stop reading, learning and absorbing information.  They have realised that new ideas will change and enhance their lives, relationships and career.  Always be open to new ideas.