There are great Apps available to help you back to having someone read to you, just like when you were a small child.  Try or to get you back reading.  Listening to audiobooks is a great way of using any downtime you may have in your busy, busy lives.

Aunty was re-introduced to audiobooks a couple of years ago.  This way of reading is fabulous and may change your life. Listening to someone read aloud reminds me of cuddling up with my mum at night as a child.  It can be one of the cruisiest activities you will ever enjoy.  Audiobooks help us make the most of every minute of every day and we know that time is the most valuable resource we possess.

Think about where you have downtime.  It might be during the morning beautification process.  With every year that passes, this time gets longer and longer for Aunty so I can nearly read a novel every day.  If you find the peace and quiet while out walking in nature is too much for you, use the time to enjoy a book.  Or perhaps read while queuing or driving for longer than ten minutes and you will never be bored again.  With COVID, we are all not driving as much as we were. The morning commute is as long as rolling out of bed and wandering along to the computer.  No time for “Wuthering Heights”!

Currently I am reading “Sales Success Made Simple”, by Brian Tracy. I try to pop Brian on when putting on my makeup. If my mind wanders off onto other things, there is always the option to rewind a few minutes and have him repeat his advice.

And the choice is endless.  Whether you like non-fiction, science-fiction or just fiction-fiction. Old or contemporary authors and ideas; if you need to improve your mind, job prospects, there will be something there for you.

Some people learn best through listening.  Audiobooks presents a fast, cost effective way to increase skills, become a better and more knowledgeable person and so help you at work or school.   Enrol in a trial and experience all the benefits audiobooks offer.  Happy reading!