Hello there, Mojo-ites and welcome to Aunty’s blog and website.  It’s wonderful to have you here and I really hope you can join me for our journey around the sun.  But who is Aunty Mojo, I hear you ask – well, stay with me to find out.  You’ve never had an aunty like me!  So I can be that aunty you have never met!

Self-improvement stuff can be really fun and interesting and my twin niece and nephew (Maxi and Monty) bring fun and life to the subject.  We all know we should eat well, not drink too much and exercise, be nice to our fellow human beings.  Yet around us, we see pain, unhappiness and suffering.  Hopefully, Maxi, Monty and I can help to offer some ideas to change this.

We will share 365 Mojo maximising tips with you – things that you wished you had learned when you were young.

We suggest 100 ways to celebrate being alive every day.  There will be chats with Maxi and Monty and then some videos out on location.  You can share Maxi and Monty’s adventures through our range of books then take us home – check out the online store.

So let’s go…

Who is Aunty Mojo?