“You suck!”, the harpy screams

Words whirling round my dreams,

“Can’t stay the distance, you’re not enough,

No one wants you, so you’ll give up,

Can’t compete, just leave this game

To others much more ‘it’ than you

Avoid pure pain, rejection time and time again.

You know you should,

One step forward, ten steps back

It’s like I’ve said,

No talent, poise, skill, contacts,

Not good enough.

So face, admit”.

Thanks for that, own harsh critic.

Yet now I look, objective eyes

It’s funny, good, I’m so surprised,

Audience clapping, cheering, cries,

Of joy, of bliss, they’ve come alive.

Please, in your heart, believe in you,

Keep the faith, be staunch and true

Belief in your art will get you through.

Silence your voice, that voice of knives

Of sharpened tongue, glinting advice.

I’ve realised, and you now know,

There’s no steps backwards, onwards, solo.

Just like a tank, I move forward, slow.