Today is the 11th day of the year already. I’m not sure how many days till Christmas day but I’m sure someone will tell me.

Aunty Mojo is working on 365 ways to maximise your mojo – check out my book with the first 50 ways called, not very originally, “50 Ways to Maximise Your Mojo”.  Because I’ve been on holiday and spent the three weeks doing loads and loads of nothing, I have missed the first 10 days of the year.  So here are those tips for you and you can check out the book if you want the details:

Mojo Maximiser #1 Celebrate Every Day.

Mojo Maximiser #2 Understand Yourself and Others.

Mojo Maximiser #3 Be Kind to the Environment

Mojo Maximiser #4 Look After Yourself and Others.

Mojo Maximiser #5 Try Not to be Addicted to Anything

Mojo Maximiser #6  Let Go of Extra Baggage.

Mojo Maximiser #7 Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to What Others Might be Thinking of You

Mojo Maximiser #8 Get in Touch with Your Feelings

Mojo Maximiser #9 Be Open to Change

Mojo Maximiser #10 Pay it Forward

The first Mojo Maximiser is to Celebrate life every day and Aunty’s book, “100 Ways to Celebrate Life” suggests ways to do this.

Anyway, today is Day 11 – Celebrate every birthday.
Last year, I did not feel like celebrating my birthday. It fell right in the middle of Covid lockdown and was on a Saturday.
Do you know how many years it will take for my birthday to be on a Saturday again? lots of them, I am sure.
So, I was miserable, feeling cheated of seeing wonderful friends and family. It made me appreciate all the times I can be with friends and family.
To be honest, I didn’t celebrate much – went for my hour of walking in fresh air, practiced on the piano, (picked up in lockdown) and had a wine or two thinking about the next birthday.
But back to the tip: celebrate every birthday.

There is a sign hanging in my mum’s kitchen that reads, “Don’t regret another birthday because many are denied this privilege”.  The alternative to having a birthday is not having another birthday.  This isn’t a great thought.  We have all got so much living and fizzing still to do.  So, celebrate every birthday.  Congratulate yourself on another successful trip around the sun.  You might not feel much different but I bet you are a little wiser and maybe a bit better person. Just like a fine wine and cheese, you will improve with age.

Reflect on the past year.  What did you achieve? What were the highlights? What did you learn?  Know that you are now one year closer to achieving your dreams.  You don’t have to spend loads of money or get huge presents.  There doesn’t have to be a big fuss, unless you want one.  This is your special day.  You don’t have to eat and drink a lot but do something nice for you.   Have your favourite dinner.  If people want to spoil you, let them and give them the gift of giving.  Be grateful and appreciate your day.

When someone else is having a birthday, spoil them, call them and say you are thinking of them.

Whatever you do, always celebrate every birthday.