Confront Your Fears

 We’re born with fears, but only two

Of being dropped, loud noises too

Taught and learned, more fears arrive

Some are good, kept us alive

Yet some constrain and haunt our nights

Do they serve now? Have we got it right?

My mum’s a fiend, no finger safe

She oft chopped bits with kitchen blades

And I was told, Sydney’s traffic’s worse

Than any city in the world

So I grew up terrified, of Sydney drivers and of knives

Paralysing, choking thoughts, how to conquer, answers sought

I went to work where knives are king, chopping daily – my living

And suddenly, no more I cared, of cutting tools, no longer scared.

Sydney driving took more guts, then forced to do it, now strength I strut.

We’re born with fears, but only two

Confront the rest, that’s what you do

You talk things through, root out the cause

Breathe in deep, reflect and pause

Then overcome, triumph, win

Face your fears and life begins.