How Hard Can it Be?

How Hard Can it Be? Let’s have a baby, make us a friend Start us a family, the fun never ends Ceremonial pill burning, nothing much else to do But first, I have questions, but only a few. How long…

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Your Opinion

Your opinion Oh my goodness, you’ve lovely feet And peacock-like, I began to preen Rarrck, yes I know, they’re cute and clean I’m loving your opinion. But then my boss, a thug, TRex Growled my graft missed her expects “You’re…

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I Hate Dishes

I hate Dishes Boy, I hate washing dishes That soapy, sudsy chore Gloves that squeak No pleasure me A washing, wanting bore Bubbles burst right up my nose Water soon becomes a soup What I’ve rinsed away Sticks back on…

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Cook Me Quickly

Cook Me Quickly  There’s not much hydrogen, oxygen, dirt to go ‘round So cook me quickly Return me to the ground Don’t mourn my passing I’m always there Each leaf on tree, each bird in air It’s been a ride,…

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Ode to Recorders Everywhere

Ode to Recorder Oh, where art thou, Recorder? A painful tooting flute It was a rule, to learn in school How to toot and execute Three blind mice and Eidelweiss Diligently I would play Practicing, squawking daily Doors slammed closed,…

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Imposter “You suck!”, the harpy screams Words whirling round my dreams, “Can’t stay the distance, you’re not enough, No one wants you, so you’ll give up, Can’t compete, just leave this game To others much more ‘it’ than you Avoid…

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