Mojo Maximiser #70 Look after your teeth

This one is easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  In previous times, people would pay to have all their teeth removed and just wear falsies.  It was easier and less painful.  Fast forward some decades, and dental practices and technologies have really…

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Mojo Maximiser #66 Know you are made of star dust

When organic matter decomposes, it breaks down to those building blocks of life then down to star-like component parts, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other bits and pieces.  Then returns to the earth and the wider universe. Whether you subscribe…

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Mojo Maximiser #64 Act out of care for others

Aunty has two key values – look after yourself first and then treat people as you want to be treated.  I’ve heard of people getting offended by close family members.  Apparently, someone had committed a perceived misdemeanor then been subject…

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Mojo Maximiser #63 Practice Food Hygiene

I very much loved my work trip to Thailand.  We didn’t go to Phuket or Bangkok.  Not us hard-working auditors.  No.  We got on a connecting flight to Sukhothai which is one of Thailand’s seventy-six provinces lies in lower northern…

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Mojo Maximiser #62 Be Playful

Aunty was never much into playing.  I remember being around ten years of age, lining all my dolls up and lecturing them as if in a classroom.  I would call the roll to make sure there were no slackers then…

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